What is the root cause depression and anxiety? Those are symptoms of a Serious Mental Disease or Disorder. That person should receive an Intensive Psychiatric Treatment and Medication as soon as possible. This dangerous Issues usually attempts with physical family security. Some serious diseases carry anxiety and depression as a package. Tragedies of life also carry depression. Treatment is similar like once a bone is fractured in no time but it takes years to fix. Anxiety and depression takes time to heal. Unsolved Childhood family issues, post traumatic syndromes which triggers anxiety attacks Unsolved trauma howling throughout his funny voice a voice trigger anxiety couldn't sleep every night attacking own fear with no reason to fear of. Sometime lack of self-confidence and selflove. . Depression is one thing and deprivation of rights into civilization is another but together in a during of months to years under crucial environment is damaging. Coming out of it takes eternal patience and the warmest calmest situations to implement trust again. Any slip off of pain can flick a switch. I understand and I am so and will put you both and many like you guys in my prayers Depression for young ones occur usually because of how most people treat them. For example, I feel emotional pain when I am around the girls in my class, because they don't try to understand me for who I am, and always condemning every action I take. The patient needs a balanced life. The body need energy such as food, drink, pleasure etc. but the soul needs spiritual healing. The best motivation spiritual books to enlighten your soul with authentic peace of mental mind state. meditation breathing in and out also can be apply for beginners too. Lastly never give up anything obstacle your way. Facing strongly and mentally hold on to it. sleep well and enjoying every moment you will feel a lot better than initial state. Being pessimistic is one of the reasons why we encounter anxiety and depression. You come to overthink and your mind feel so stress and empty. That’s why every time i encounter depression, I kneel down and pray. God will always be the best medicine in all the troubles I have been, just surrender all our worries on HIM and everything will be okay. All our sadness will throw it away, and all our heartaches will wash away. God is the solution in all our anxiety and depressions as well as our worries in our daily lives